HALFWAY THERE - Shreya Ugale (in association with Sonic Harbor)

Shreya Ugale - Singer/Songwriter

IIT and Music: Getting to know your singer, Shreya.

Hailing from Pune, Shreya has always been passionate & driven about music. She’s currently pursuing an undergraduate in biotechnology at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras. Shreya has interned at some of the most illustrious institutions across the globe including the Serum Institute of India, University of Oxford and Purdue University, whilst also receiving premier project offers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT,USA), the Australian National University, etc. She currently plans on progressing to a PhD in immunology, immediately after graduation.

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However, apart from all the academics, she absolutely adores her scribbly diary and drafts melodies randomly on her phone’s voice recording app. She grew up listening to Bollywood compositions, but there was something idiosyncratic about English pop that grasped her attention in middle school. Ever since, her aspirations have known no bounds! Her parents have been extremely supportive of her endeavors – “they’ve always, always trusted my instincts & decisions”, she says.

At the end of the day, irrespective of whether her calling is music or biology, she yearns to unveil her honest self in soaring colors.

The story behind the song:

“A few months ago, I came across this gorgeous and euphonic cover singer on Instagram, and I’ve been following her ever since. Her progress was astonishing – she had achieved a tremendous boost in terms of her reach & follower count within a very short span of time. Her dedication towards rolling out regular content was inspiring, hence I strived towards following her footsteps. However, despite my persistent efforts for more than a couple of months, I couldn’t discern tangible developments in my reach or likeability. I’d hardly get any comments and perceived an infinitesimal rise in followers – no matter how hard I tried…
This inevitably led to a social media toxicity spiral of jealousy and desire; and that’s when this song was conceived- a mellow narrative directing the lights & cameras on the girl I admired.”

Meet the production team:

This song involves immense collaborative efforts with the Sonic Harbor Studio in
Pune, along with the support of Pranjali and Karun who’ve generously helped out with
the harmonies and the lyrics polishing respectively.

Akshay Chavan
Akshay Chavan
Kunal Kulkarni
Kunal Kullkarni
Swapneel Arenavaru
Swapneel Arenavaru

“At Sonic Harbor, Akshay was the one who presented me with this opportunity, and I couldn’t be any more grateful! Quite frankly, recording my original composition in a studio was not something that I’d ever envisioned. Kunal is the primary producer & arranger for my song – I’ve been working the most closely in conjunction with him. His skills and dedication are unequivocally impressive, and oh, yes! The instrumental riff in this song which I’m most fond of has been composed by him! Then there’s Swapneel, who has done a scintillating job with the acoustic, electric and bass guitars! The numerous cuts through which Kunal and Swapneel bore with me and the collective confidence they offered me on the day of the recording, is hands down the biggest contributor to the beauty and precision of this song. I can claim without hesitation
that the talent lingering in this studio is definitely unparalleled, and it is going to be quite evident to you too, once you give it a hear! ”

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