Swapneel Arenavaru
Sound Engineer-Sonicharbor Studio

Prem Kotwal

(Poster for “Sawali”, a tribute to our dear friend Sagar Salunke)

The story of this artist seems like yet another underdog story, but it was not luck, not fate, not a fluke that he became a people’s favorite! He has been at it from a really young age. The dedication, the passion he learned music with were solely the reasons he is where he is today. Indian classical is deep-rooted in his conscious and it shows in a majority of his craft. This is Prem Kotwal for you! His journey in two of the most popular talent reality shows, “The Voice” and “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Marathi” brought forth his story and his sheer talent before the people. Being a finalist in “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa” made it clear that he had won a lot of hearts with his voice. Further, he continued his journey by making his own compositions, working in the industry, and performing live. 

 We’ve known Prem for quite some time now and he was one of the clients who grew into a friend and with whom we developed a bond with. It’s rare we come across an artist of his caliber. His humility and simplicity are a plus! His compositions are greatly influenced by his classical based training, and also a lot of experimenting. That being said, he can achieve a perfect fusion track! We’ve had the opportunity to work on a lot of his creatively challenging tracks and it was always an experience for us. 

This new project we’d been working on is a dream project of his! His dream album having his very own compositions. Particularly one of the songs, which was supposedly the title song, is really close to his heart and now even for us, this marks the remembrance of a beloved friend and an amazing artist we lost not long ago, Sagar Salunke. Sagar was a dear friend to Prem and to us, an extremely talented flutist who had already started to shine in the industry with his unmatched skills and musicianship. Prem and Sagar have performed, worked, and recorded together for the longest time. It was through Prem that we had the opportunity to record Sagar’s flute for a lot of his projects and also some other. It was always a pleasure seeing him play and record. Unfortunately. “Sawali” was the last track he recorded for Prem and for us, this track has been a part of Prem’s dream project for years and Sagar’s flute was the soul of this track since the day he came up with the composition. This track became really significant to us eventually!
 In the forthcoming days, we’ll be working on 150 compositions that he made over the years. We call it “Project 150 – Songs From My Room”. It’s an ambitious project and also a challenge, but we are looking forward to it! He is also an integral part of our “Sonicharbor Artist Club”, which is our initiative to promote and help genuine and astounding artists like Prem to grow and build a place in people’s hearts!

Here’s how you can find Prem!

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