Sonic artist club: Yogesh-Ajit

Swapneel Arenavaru
Sound Engineer - Sonic Harbor Studio

Sonic artist club: Yogesh-Ajit

“Vighnaharta” – A beautiful (Ganesh) worship song composed by Yogesh-Ajit

Talking of the best music composer/director duo that we’ve seen throughout the years in Bollywood, Salim-Sulaiman, Vishal-Shekhar, Ajay-Atul, or the greats such as Laxmikant-Pyarelal, Nadeem-Shravan, Kalyanji-Anandji, Shankar-Jaikishan to name a few, are proof that when two discrete forces come together, they create something spectacular, something unexpected!

Yogesh-Ajit as a duo is no different! Two amazingly talented artists, excellent in their craft, and very much capable of enticing their audience with nothing but soulful, mesmerizing music. Like all the other successful duos, this duo seems to be two perfectly fitting puzzle pieces, unique in their own way, discrete, but only make sense when placed together. Maybe I’m exaggerating at this point making this particular analogy, but you’d know when you meet them!

An absolute gem of people, not just because of the way they’ve been conditioned or where they come from, but also because of their love for music. Yogesh comes from a small village named Pathardi in Ahmednagar, started learning music at a young age, and is gifted with a “powerful voice”. He’s also been a part of “SAREGAMA Marathi”, and made it till the end!

Ajit, also from Ahmednagar, is an amazingly talented musician/composer, trained in Hindustani Classical music. Despite having a strong classical base and sheer love for it, Yogesh-Ajit never seem to be shy of experimenting. Their compositions have a blend of classical rawness and a modern garnish!

“Athvaninchya Vaatevar” — A compilation of Marathi
ghazals composed by Yogesh-Ajit, written by Akash Kankal

Their recent project portrays this skill of theirs rather perfectly. “Athvaninchya Vaatevar”, the journey of love, its memories, and evolution from its birth until the end. This musical journey is a compilation of ghazals written by an amazingly talented writer/lyricist, Akash Kankal, composed and performed by Yogesh-Ajit. The show is hosted by Akash himself. What’s unique about the musical is that it’s written and performed in their native language, Marathi. And who doesn’t relate to the stories of love? The audiences are absolutely mesmerized by their music and the life they bring to it their soulful performance.

One of the lovely ghazals from their album “Athvaninchya Vaatevar”

They have become a part of the Sonicharbor family and we are more than glad to have them on board with us! We’ll be doing a lot more amazing projects in the days to come and we are sure that they’ll soon be where they deserve to be, at the very TOP!!!

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